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  1. You should absolutely have the right to have this plate you paid for. It is not discriminatory or offensive. Being a little cheeky should not require government re-evaluation. We pay taxes for them to use their time wisely and this is not a wise use of their time.

  2. The very fact that someone would complain about the vanity plate FART tells me that we as a country can do better. Some citizens have nothing better to do with their lives and have become intolerable to live with. Attempt to do better people !

  3. When one considers that any 4 year old in this country knows the word “fart”, what it means, and likely says it several times per day, it might be time for the DMV to bring it’s standards out of the 18th century. Fart is regularly used on primetime television, and as a radio program host myself for the past 49 years, I can tell you that I say fart on the air when called for and have yet to receive a complaint for doing so.

  4. As an avid trail runner in southern New Mexico, I’m behind you (maybe I should get in front of you?) all the way!! Keep the fart going!!!

  5. As the proud founding member of Protecting Our Outstanding Parks (POOP), I am in good company and fully support FART. Let us never be silent!

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