Friends of Asheville Recreational Trail

We are a group of people who enjoy hiking in and around Asheville. We love our community and love spending time in nature.

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Our next hike is scheduled for May 14, 2022 at 2pm at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center. 

We will hang out for a bit before and after the hike. We will have some yard games set up and snacks from Rise Above Bakehouse

May FART Meetup Blue Ridge Visitor

Previous FART Meetups

A big thanks to everyone sending in pictures to support F.A.R.T.

People are seriously awesome.

F.A.R.T. members know how to have fun!
A glimpse of a self proclaimed Senior F.A.R.T. in the wild!
We love you too PR or ER!
We love our F.A.R.T. members!
F.A.R.T. members enjoying a sunny day!
Fun around at the slopes
A F.A.R.T member showing their support. Thank you!
F.A.R.T. families! We agree completely!
Fun day around on the slopes
Who's a F.A.R.T.? This guy!
The cutest F.A.R.T. Dog!
Fun day around on the slopes

Watch the F.A.R.T. Founder discuss the threat of our club mascot with Jimmy Kimmel.

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  1. Hi! I’m in Ft. Worth Texas and saw you on Jimmy Kimmel. I will be in NC later this year when I go back to Georgia. I definitely want to be counted as a Friend of Asheville Recreational Trails. Your vanity plate can represent so much…. And it makes people smile. Do you have stickers for sale?

  2. I am a F.A.R.T. From afar and would love to start a satellite branch of F.A.R.T. How about Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails, Atlantic South Satellite chapter? If nothing else, the acronym would aptly describe your State’s DMV!

  3. Saw you on Jimmy Kimmel. You are adorable! Love how you figured this out in a positive way. I am coming to Ashville in May for the 1st time for a wedding at the Biltmore. My husband and I are looking forward to site seeing. Your group would be so helpful to us. We are considering retiring and looking for a beautiful area to live. You ROCK!

  4. Great initiative! Fun fact – “fart'” in Swedish means speed (velocity, not the chemical compound). And speed bump is ‘farthinder’. Google ‘farthinder skylt’, the signs are a good laugh.

    1. Hello from Canada! We support you and are happy to be an international member. Looking forward to our F.A.R.T. stickers arriving to add to our walking sticks. Enjoy the ride.

  5. We support you completely and hope you keep your license plate. We need more people like you to lighten and brighten things up a bit and make us smile.

  6. Sounds like some pretty awesome trails in Asheville! One more beautiful place to add to my trail running bucket list!

  7. Awesome! Just saw you on Jimmy Kimmel. Love it, haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you for making the world a happier place!

  8. Benjamin Franklin would be so proud of you. Farts were such a special interest of his, that he published book on it called, “Fart Proudly.”

    People love to invoke the founding fathers in this country to bolster any random argument. Now you have a specific reference, AND a slogan for your t-shirts: F.A.R.T. Proudly!

  9. I’m driving through the first weekend in April – my kids and I would love to join a FART hike if there’s one on Saturday morning!

  10. Saw you on Kimmel. You are so fun and amazing. And by the way, your photography on Instagram is amazing. You have a talented eye! I heard that FART is an “offshoot” of Bold Environmental Ambassadors for Natural Sustainability (BEANS), and that you are forming a partnership with Guards of Asheville Scenery (GAS). If this is true, sign me up for all three!

  11. I do appreciate that you’ve dedicated your vehicle to recognizing the local appreciation of recreational trails. If I find myself in the area, I’d be honored to attend a F.A.R.T. meeting.

    I appreciate the irony of using the acronym on a vehicle license plate since motor vehicles produce a large amount of greenhouse gases but the most greenhouse gases produced by a trail user is the occasional methane discharge.

    Good luck with your appeal to the DMV and may you have many happy trails with minimal digestive issues (especially when the trail is busy).

  12. Hey now from the other side of the country, Santa Cruz, Cali..Definitely think it’s a good thing for FART to get more normalcy as it’s just a normal bodily function. I think JK had it right when saying it uplifts us in a times of trouble. Thanks for the good time laughs.

  13. We’ll pull my finger – this is right down the street from me. I can’t wait to go to a FART fest!

  14. Just saw a post on TikTok about your situation. Then watched the Kimmel clip. So cool and funny and great. Definitely gonna pick up some FART merch.

  15. In a nation with a constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, but also has so many wanting to oppress that right, I find it a breath of fresh air hearing about the rapid response to support F.A.R.T.s. I really don’t understand why a anal retentive few want to raise such a stink about a license plate. Let’s meet this oppression face on with full force.
    Let me hear your eruption of support!

  16. I love this! I tried to post your site’s address on my Facebook feed but the prudes in their censor dept. keeps knocking it off before I can do so, citing, “technical difficulties”. Will try to figure out a workaround. Good luck!

  17. I hope this works for your license plate! Even if it doesn’t, I’m planning on moving to Asheville when I return to the U.S. next year, and would love to be a part of your club!!!

      1. I heard about this from TikTok (@licenseplatetok)! I love trails and vanity plates and I stand behind FART!

  18. This is amazing! I love the cheekiness and then the way you all encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature!

  19. We all know that Ashville recreational trails are great and are a source of pride for the whole state. I had the pleasure of experiencing them whilst passing through back in 1985. Sincerely, a big fan in Utah

  20. We are several Old FARTS here in the South of France and are wondering if a FART trail should be set up here ?

  21. Deep South Texas here, heard about you on Facebook and I hope you were able to keep your plate nothing wrong with it. Too many sensitive people out there.

  22. I read about this online. I admire what your doing And to the one whose quick thinking came up with the tell them your a group of people that love beauty of hiking the Ashville mountains trail. I’m from a little town Roxboro Nc. Grew up backpacking the AT in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.I will be leaving my house in 1 month headed to Georgia to the start of the AT and start my journey on a thru hike to Maine. I admire that this group was created because someone got their feelings hurt over the word FART.The next step should be raising money to advertise with tee shirts. I will gladly donate. Hopefully the one that complained will see the clubs tee shirt,And on the back have How you like me now.

  23. My fiance and I will be in Asheville for our honeymoon in October. We’d love to celebrate our commitment to become old farts together with a FART hike! 🙂

  24. May I suggest “F.A.R.T.” for the license plate. It fits the character limit and and the periods indicate the organizational provenance, which might help it fly with the DMV.

  25. Just heard about this on the radio today while I was finishing up my workday, totally cracked me up, good stuff! We live in the Omaha, NE area, and right now I’m an army of one, however I’d like to volunteer to some day head up the Omaha area chapter. My wife and visited Asheville about 5 years ago, really cool town and some neat history there as well. My dad is fluent in :Latin, so I normally like to farct check with him on translations, however this time, I had to throw caution to the wind, and let ‘er rip, looking forward to my shirt and sticker. If you folks ever decide to challenge the buncha hot air decision from your DMV, JMHO, there may be a hole bunch of believers who would likely agree that said decision just won’t cut the cheese.

    In Turgidity,


  26. Really inspired by what you have done Karly. You turned something ridicuous into something meaningful which is no small act! Loved meeting you (and your family) at your last gathering! Warmly, Shira

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