Friends of Asheville Recreational Trail

We are a group of people who enjoy hiking in and around Asheville. We love our community and love spending time in nature.

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Our next hike is scheduled for May 14, 2022 at 2pm at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center. 

We will hang out for a bit before and after the hike. We will have some yard games set up and snacks from Rise Above Bakehouse

May FART Meetup Blue Ridge Visitor

Previous FART Meetups

A big thanks to everyone sending in pictures to support F.A.R.T.

People are seriously awesome.

F.A.R.T. members know how to have fun!
A glimpse of a self proclaimed Senior F.A.R.T. in the wild!
We love you too PR or ER!
We love our F.A.R.T. members!
F.A.R.T. members enjoying a sunny day!
Fun around at the slopes
A F.A.R.T member showing their support. Thank you!
F.A.R.T. families! We agree completely!
Fun day around on the slopes
Who's a F.A.R.T.? This guy!
The cutest F.A.R.T. Dog!
Fun day around on the slopes

Watch the F.A.R.T. Founder discuss the threat of our club mascot with Jimmy Kimmel.

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  1. You are great!!
    F.A.R.T. fans are in Germany, too.
    Best greatings and good fart (Gute Fahrt = Have a good trip)

  2. I’m an “Old Fart” from Fort Myers,Florida wishing all the other farts an enjoyable NC spring

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