Show off your F.A.R.T. Pride!

Some very talented F.A.R.T. members have contributed these awesome logos! 

For the month of March, 100% proceeds will go to Read To Succeed. In April, all proceeds will go to Asheville GreenWorks.

F.A.R.T. pride wafting around the country!

Click on the map to zoom in.

Here you can see where all this FART merch has wafted around the country as of Thursday, March 17.

I used python, geonames and folium to create the heatmap. Here is my code. No names or addresses were used to generate this map, only cities and states.

FART on!

FART logo blue with mountains Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
credit: Kimberly Baker
Orange FART logo with trees Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
credit: Kimberly Baker
Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
credit: Jon @whosdadog
Proud FART Dog Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
Finn the F.A.R.T. dog! credit: Sara Waite, Finn's Manager
Red NC FART Asheville Logo Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
credit: u/waftedfart
FART Asheville License Plate Logo Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails
credit: Jon @whosdadog

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  1. This is fantastic!. I would like to form a chapter in St . Louis, MO (Webster Groves). With all of our wonderful trails here in Missouri, we share the breathless adventures which F.A.R.T. must give to all of your members! To commune with nature and be exposed to the sometimes explosive scents as they surround you permeating your clothes and hair adding to the memories that you will share. We would even set a goal of visiting your fine trails in the near future. Here’s to F.A.R.T.! Christyb.

  2. I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel, I am from Eastern NC and love to visit the mountains of NC. I love the community this has brought together.

  3. Karly, you’re the best! Thanks for bringing smiles! I would love to order license plate stickers! Please restock the Etsy shop! Thanks for spreading joy and making the world a better place. Who knew some silly middle school humor was what we all need right now.

  4. As an avid backpacker I’m so glad to see your organization ripping up the standards for trail organizations. Many so called enthusiasts are nothing butt hot air. But FART seems to be beefing up nicely with authentic folks who care. What started as a modest gurgle is now a clear message reverberating in the NC trail community.

  5. Caught wind of this on Facebook. Smelled like NCDOT was up to no good. Quickly and silently placed an order. These decals are gonna be a gas. Keep pushing; don’t hold it in.

  6. Minnesota loves you! My husband and I will be in Asheville on March 20,21 And 26,27. We need a vacation from subzero temps and 4 feet of snow! Hope to see you on the trails 🌲

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